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Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare

Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare
Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare
Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare

Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare

Energy 52 - Café Del Mar - Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity - Limited Edition Rare! The description of this item has been automatically translated.

Absolute collector's item in the limited edition ðY¥³ðY~. Definitely going to be an ultra rare classic as it is the extremely rare marbled edition!! MORE RARITIES, CLASSICS & NEWS ---> YOU WILL FIND HERE. ÐY'Z RARE TRANCE CLASSICS ðY'Z. Label: Bonzai Classics - BCV2021023.

RPM, Single, Limited Edition, Orange Marbled. A1Cafe Del Mar (Three'N' One Radio Edit). Producer, Remix - André Straesser, Sharam Jey. B1Cafe Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix Radio Edit). STILL LOTS OF RARITIES, CLASSICS AND HOT STUFF: More offers. SO NO BIBBLING HOW THE ROUND GOES!! HERE ARE THE PRECISE NOTES ABOUT THE CONDITION ABBREVIATIONS. Absolutely perfect - never was! Has been played and may still be sealed (more on sealed records below). We rate never used LP's Mint - at most Mint- (Near Mint). The record shows no signs of wear.

Has visible signs of wear but has been well cared for by the previous owner. The record surface shows minimal signs of wear (due to playing), but this does not affect listening pleasure. LP album sleeves may have slight signs of wear and a cut-out hole is also acceptable. All in all, a very good+ record is a very good condition and worth collecting for almost all collectors. Many of the shortcomings of a VG+ record are amplified here.

Slight hissing can occur during playback, especially in quiet passages and during the intro, but this doesn't'overpower' the music. Defects such as stickers or inscriptions may appear on the labels.

Good does not mean'bad'! A disk in Good condition will run without binding, but it will have significant noise, some scratches, and clearly visible wear.

Album cover and single picture sleeves are bumped open and have kinked corners. The disk is full of scratches, quite warped, and will not pass without getting stuck. The album cover has water damage, all edges are chipped and is covered in scribbles and stickers. In the case of sealed LPs, it must be pointed out that many LPs have subsequently been resealed. Of course there are still original sealed LP's from the 60's, but the only way to find out is to open the LP, since re-pressings are often in the original covers. In addition, gold-plated high-end plugs which can process the data more precisely, loss-free and faster. This is how you get the latest information out of your grooves and machines! PRICES OTHER SYSTEMS - SMALL SELECTION. Shure V15-4 HE / 2 etc. Ortofon Concorde DJ & Hifi Broadcast E and much more. OMB 10 20 30 40.

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TECHNICS DJ EAH 1200 HEADPHONES. Write me than i create a personalized item. Just write afterwards what it should be and I'll create a personalized article for you!! ALL SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - IF NOT THERE NOT THERE.

WE ALSO LIKE TO LISTEN TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS ABOUT YOUR OLD EQUIPMENT. Proper packaging is a matter of course. From experience of almost 20 years, there is definitely a high-quality packing method. If available, transport screws are tightened, plates and counterweights are removed and packed separately. The cartridge and everything else is packed in anti-static ESD bags, which prevent discharge and protect the cartridge and device!! Wherever possible, we use old materials for environmentally friendly reasons in order to use as little plastic as possible. We see it as our obligation not only to protect the black circle, but also the blue circle and to avoid waste wherever possible. If, for whatever reason, you do not want this, please let us know in advance.

Report damage immediately, I can no longer process late reports. Document the damage immediately with pictures and a description! Of course I comply with my legal rules, but the private way is usually the faster way to compensation! I'm happy to help if you have any problems! Many devices get maintenance and there are also lengthy test chains etc.

I don't think there's a broken leg for a few days or not. Stress, hectic and fast, fast do not allow quality!!!

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WhatsApp is generally possible at any time, but it can also take a little time. Aguja, Puntina, Aiguille Pitch Belt, toothed belt, gramophone, phonograph, record player. This item is in the category "Music\Vinyl Records".

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  • disk condition: M (Mint)
  • Catalog Number: BCV2021023
  • Features: Remastered, Colored Vinyl, Sealed, Original Cover, Original Inner Sleeve
  • Case Type: Cardboard Sleeve
  • Inlay Condition: M (Mint)
  • Format: Record
  • Material: Vinyl
  • fidelity: Hi-Fi
  • Type: EP
  • Genre: Club Sounds, Acid, House, Dance & Electronica, Techno, Dance Music, Electronic
  • Package: No
  • Year Of Publication: 2021
  • Artist: Energy 52, Three N One, Nalin & Kane
  • Cultural Area: Deutschland
  • Color: Black
  • Record Size: 10\
  • Played by: Jones & Stephenson
  • Style: Trance, Dream House, Makina, Rave & Happy Rave, Trance & Hard House, Ambient & Lounge, Hard House, Acid & Trance, Electronic Music, Hardcore & Rave, Progressive House, Electro, Euro Dance & Chart Hits, Tech house, Dance & club sound
  • music label: Bonzaï Records
  • Epoch: 2020s
  • Release Title: Cafe Del Mar
  • EAN: 5413647956114
  • Number of Audio Channels: Stereo
  • Unit Of Measure: Unit
  • Edition: Remastered, Anniversary Edition, Collector's Edition, New Edition, Rarity Edition, Limited Edition
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • outer shell condition: M (Mint)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
  • Brand: Unbranded

Energy 52 Café Del Mar Bonzaï Records Monster Rarity Limited Edition Rare